OTT has been a disrupting phenomenon since a few years, and this is only the beginning as Internet becomes ubiquitous in many regions of the world… In this context there are enormous opportunities for existing and new TV & content providers to re-invent their offers and create new ones. It is also a challenge for many existing actors, which models are threatened. This also apply to the traditional TV & OTTs technology suppliers.
Our OTT intelligence looks at most essential aspects of the market: broadband connectivity, connectable devices, OTT players & services, and analysed it also by type of content, in particular for music, movies/fiction, and sports. Several hundreds of OTT players and services are tracked on a quarterly base.


Coverage Areas

OTT and pay TV operators (quarterly data)

  • Pay TV Everywhere subscribers
  • Pay TV T-OTT potential users
  • Pay TV SVOD offers (subscribers)
  • OTT linear TV distribution (subscribers)

OTT and FTA TV broadcasters (quarterly data)

  • Catch-up TV (users, to be launched Q4 16)
  • OTT FTA linear TV (users)

Ad based Video (country, yearly)

  • Market Value
  • Main genre
  • Key YouTube MCNs

Operators OTT partnerships strategies

  • Fixed Broadband
  • 4G mobile
  • Pay TV

OTT Music

  • Digital music (country, trade value)
  • Digital Music revenues forecasts (Latam only)
    • Download revenues
    • Mobile music revenues
    • Pay streaming Music revenues
    • Pay streaming usic subscribers
  • Ad streaming music

OTT Movies & Fiction

  • OTT linear Pay TV channels
  • Pay TV Everywhere
  • T-VOD
  • S-VOD
  • Download to own

OTT Sports

  • OTT Linear sport pay TV offers
  • Sport Pay TV Everywhere

Broadband connectivity by country
(history & forecasts)

  • Population & Households
  • Households with broadband
  • Households with next generation broadband
  • 3G subscribers, 4G subscribers, 5G subscribers

Connectable devices

TV Sets

  • Households penetration (by country, history & forecasts)
    • Total installed base
    • Share of SD, HD, 4K, Smart TV
  • Yearly sales by country
    • Share of SD, HD, 4K, Smart TV
  • World TV Sets market: Quarterly volumes & shares
  • Smart TV active installed base by TV set vendor
  • TV streaming devices


  • Households penetration (by country, history & forecasts)
  • Yearly Desktop & Laptop sales


  • Households penetration (by country, history & forecasts)
    • Total installed base
    • Share of installed base by OS (android, iOS, others)
  • Yearly sales by country
  • Worldwide market: Quarterly volumes & shares


  • Smartphone penetration by operator (quarterly)
  • Households penetration (by country, history & forecasts)
    • Total installed base
    • Share of installed base by OS (android, iOS, others)
  • Yearly sales by country
  • Worldwide market: Quarterly volumes & shares

Actors profiles

  • Key shareholder
  • Main activities KPI’s
  • Latest company news
  • Key contacts


Technology vendors

  • Discover your competitors’ positioning
  • Assess your market shares
  • Develop new products
  • Identify and assess new prospects
  • Know your penetration in each market and each operator
  • Follow trends by technology
  • Plan for product & geographical development
  • Know and understand your customers
  • Support your sales plan by region and operator

TV Networks

  • Monitor and assess your distribution channels
  • Find new prospects
  • Develop opportunities in new countries
  • Assess the potential of new OTT platforms
  • Understand the potential of viewing via new devices
  • Plan your development
  • Support your strategic plan
  • Analyse your competitor’s positioning

Pay TV Operators

  • Benchmark against peers regionally and Worldwide
  • Identify effective new strategies
  • Know key players
  • Compare technology choices
  • Analyse bundles strategies
  • Understand the disruptors in your industry
  • Assess M&A options
  • Use a trusted third party data for your financial reporting
  • Calculate your market share

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